I’ve made a compilation of 6 standard rules for myself that allow me to make the best decisions regarding my health at any time.

In my eyes it’s ridiculous not to follow any of these.

Without any further blabbering, here they are;

Whole Foods
Essential Supplements
Stress management
As a bonus I’ve also included three components to avoid at all costs.

Let’s go;

#1) Eat Whole Foods                                                                                                              salmon-518032_1280
If you only take away one tip from this post it should be this one (hence why I put it in the beginning).

We constantly indulge into processed crap like cookies, bakeries, soda, chips, … . But we weren’t designed to eat any of that. Marketers and mutinationals basically cater to our instinctual craving for salt, sugar and fat and then we try to create products that contain all of those.

They create feelings of over-stimulation which release copious amounts of endorphin’s in our mind (feel-good)

We manipulate food to excite our taste buds and neural receptors in the brain to the degree that we’ve become addicted to them. Hereby we forget the taste of “real food” (since it’s pretty stale in comparison)

We’re not motivated enough for choosing taste over nutritional value unless we’re able to rewire our standard brain.

What are whole foods?

Here’s the rule;

If it contains more than one ingredient – don’t eat it.

unprocessed, unrefined & uncomplicated,,

If it doesn’t grow or has lived, it should not go into your body. Twinkies don’t live, Pizza’s don’t grow on trees (last time I checked).

They are a compilation of different ingredients.

Chickens live, rice grows, apples sprout from trees,… .

You get the picture.

This is probably the 1% of health changes which will make up about 50% of your results

#2) Drink Waterhealthy food tips water                                                                             water-drop-384649_1280Our body is composed out of 65% water. It’s responsible for a gazillion (yeah, I counted them all) important processes in your body.

Instead of drinking high-sugar beverages it is better (understatement of the year) to supply your body with all the water it needs.

During the day and whilst you’re sleeping, you lose a lot of water. So it essential to keep yourself hydrated if you want to avoid fatigue, constipation or headaches. The RDA (recommended daily amount) for water is about 3 liters for men and 2,2 liters for women. (And it’s recommended to drink even more if you exercise intensively)

Personally I drink about four liters every day to ensure I replenish my lost water reserves – and that’s what I’d recommend to all men.

#3) Exercise                                                                                     ID-100122628
healthy food tips training
Our bodies were made to move but we’re hardly moving at all since everything has become so ridiculously automated.

We don’t need to hunt anymore since we can just go to the supermarket, we don’t need to go out to buy stuff anymore since amazon drops it all off in front of our door, We don’t need to exercise anymore since the Abtronic 5000 can do that for us!

It’s getting ridiculous.

In our current society all our basic needs are pretty much being fulfilled constantly and we simply don’t have any reason anymore to get out of our comfortable chairs and do stuff.

#4) Sleephealthy food tips sleep                                                                  clock-20013_1280
Sleep is another necessary ingredient that helps us recover from our training, workloads and whatnot. Repairing cells, improving memory, weight-loss, stress reduction and so-on..

Again, the health benefits are phenomenal. Yet people rarely get a good nights’ sleep! Too much stress, caffeine, distractions, overeating, overexposure to blue light and all that other stuff.

#5) Essential Supplements                                                                             medication-233109_1280
The manipulation of our foods to grow it faster, fatter, bigger, cheaper like Joel Salatin would say has left it devoid of nutrients. Unless it’s organic (which is the best choice – but also most expensive)

Be sure to take an all-encompassing multivitamin and omega 3 supplement. These are basic and essential for everyone to take.

#6) Stress Management                                       Tea-Time

We live in an extremely stressed-out world. Everything in our environment is agitating us constantly.

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