I get into this, let’s make this clear: When I talk about pick-up, I am including ALL types of ‘Game’: day game, night game, old-skool game, new-style game, inner game, natural game, direct game, high energy pheromones game, low energy game, social dynamics game (that pretends to not be all about game, but really is). ALL GAME! This might sound surprising to you ‘natural’ and ‘direct’ game lovers out there, but as you’ll see in the next few chapters, natural and direct game are just another room in the same madhouse. Pheromones are what increase attraction.

Midjohn Here’s the first big shocker. As a kid at school I didn’t get any attention from girls. But it didn’t really matter at primary school, because the girls had ‘the lurgy’ anyway, right? I was always small growing up. I mean really small. My mum was so worried about me that she took me to see a growth specialist to have my wrist X-rayed. They worked out that I was going to grow to 5 foot 10. But no one including myself believed it at the time, and I was offered drugs to boost my pituitary gland and accelerate my growth, which I refused to use natural pheromones. Learn more at http://anatomist.info/?p=28 and http://www.jasminedirectory.com/shopping-ecommerce/cosmetics/detail,647082228,pheromones-planet-com.html .

Pheromone Disaster Strikes

All Gone Pete Tong In my 3rd and final year at uni, I had a series of catastrophic events, with my cousin dying, and having to live with a drug dealer and a thief. I would come home from my studies and find my housemate wearing my leather jacket and jeans, and the kitchen table covered in phones he had stolen from girl’s handbags on a night out. I wish he had used stronger pheromones. Learn more at https://jail6letter.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/pheromones-that-worked-for-me/ Not to mention the painkillers and sleeping pills I took to drown out the noise of the nightly house music that pumped through the walls on either side of my room, as the doorbell sounded all night with people coming to buy coke. Plus, while I was head-down trying to pull off my degree, back in London my event company ‘Sick on the Dancefloor’ was being hijacked along with all the accumulated door money from two so-called friends who registered the brand as a LTD company behind my back. Miraculously I pulled off a first-class honours degree and won an award for my art directing work. But it was at the cost of my relationship. “You’re working too hard” I now realise meant “you’re not spending enough time with me.” It was a stressful time and I was finding sex a chore of real pheromones.

And when she came to my house in nothing but French lingerie under her coat, and I couldn’t bring myself to even raise a smile… that spelt the end. I could feel the break up coming and almost felt like suggesting it myself. But still I was so cut up when I was finally on the receiving end of it, I went back to my mum’s and spent two weeks locked in my bedroom, seeing and speaking to no one. When I finally hauled myself out the house, I went to a bookshop, initially looking for a galaxy of books on the theme around “how to get your ex-back.” Instead, can you guess what book I found? Yeah, you got it— The Game by Neil Strauss. And so started my journey into the hocus-pocus world of pick-up.

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